John and his team lead me through the worst period in my life. No one prepares you for Divorce when you get married. His thoughtful guidance made me confident that I would be okay. When I finally started my divorce, I felt prepared and ready to tackle the world. I cannot recommend John and his team enough if you are about to go through a divorce.

Maurice Evans


John has become my trusted advisor guiding me through some of the most difficult marital and child custody issues. He listens carefully, provides helpful recommendations, and follows through on everything discussed. John is very conscientious and on multiple occasions has gone out of his way to do exactly what was needed. I am very grateful to have found him and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Michael Lipnick

John is very caring, calming and thoughtful. In my situation, his patience helped me stay grounded. His guidance in separating emotions from the upcoming divorce helped me through the tedious and sad process of legally ending a 28 year marriage. His advice kept me sound and solvent. His services were such a great use of my money! 

Victor Perez


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